This data flow contains data for use in producing in-vehicle signage displays, including the actual roadside traffic indicator outputs, fixed signage (e.g., Stop signs, yield signs), roadside dynamic message signs (DMS) information, highway rail intersection (HRI) crossing status, and local conditions warnings identified by local environmental sensors. All data is filtered so that the receiving processes only get that which is relevant to their local geographic area. The data flow consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ list_size{vehicle_signage_output_identity
+ vehicle_signage_output_data
+ vehicle_signage_alert_data
+ vehicle_signage_hri_data
+ vehicle_signage_traffic_data
+ vehicle_signage_evacuation_data
+ vehicle_signage_traffic_metering_data
+ vehicle_signage_variable_speed_limit_data
+ vehicle_signage_stop_sign_gap_data
+ vehicle_signage_lane_closure_details
+ vehicle_signage_road_configuration_details
+ vehicle_signage_road_closure_details
+ vehicle_signage_road_diversion_details }

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