Physical Viewpoint

Physical View

The Physical Viewpoint represents physical elements that operate in the field and the backoffice, the functionality contained within those elements, the roles elements play in delivering user services, and the connections between those elements.

The Physical Viewpoint is an engineering viewpoint: it lies closer to design than the functional viewpoint, and leads directly to the Communications Viewpoint. The bounds of an element in the Physical View are constrained by the Enterprise view (who owns, who operates etc.), informed by the Functional (what does it do) and ultimately specified in accordance with physical constraints.

All stakeholders will find the Physical viewpoint informative. The Physical provides the basis for Service Packages, which are a concise, comparatively easy to read and follow diagrammatic artifact that communicates notions of service delivery, functionality, information exchange and concerns related to those concepts. The Physical Viewpoint enables the engineer to answer questions such as:

The Physical Viewpoint defines the following objects:

Physical Service Package Legend

Physical view service package implementation diagrams illustrate the subset of a service package that meets all user needs of the service package using a particular approach.

service package implementation legend