This data store is used within the Manage Traffic function and contains details of the operational status (state of the device, configuration, and fault data) of all field equipment. Field equipment includes sensors (traffic, infrastructure, environmental, security, speed, etc.) and devices (highway advisory radio, dynamic message signs, automated roadway treatment systems, barrier and safeguard systems, cameras, traffic signals and override equipment, ramp meters, traffic probe field equipment, security surveillance equipment, lighting systems, etc.). It consists of the following data items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ safeguard_system_device_status
+ indicator_status_from_traffic_meters
+ indicator_status_from_signals
+ dms_status
+ har_status
+ vehicle_sign_status
+ avo_device_status
+ reversible_lane_control_device_status_from_highways
+ reversible_lane_control_device_status_from_roads
+ video_device_status
+ vehicle_traffic_roadside_equip_status
+ hri_status
+ environmental_sensor_status
+ hov_sensor_status
+ multimodal_crossing_sensor_status
+ pedestrian_sensor_status
+ reversible_lane_sensor_status
+ speed_sensor_status
+ traffic_sensor_status
+ lighting_system_device_status
+ shoulder_management_device_status
+ lane_management_device_status
+ roadway_warning_device_status
+ road_user_protection_device_status
+ stop_sign_gap_device_status}

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