This data flow is sent to the Other RS terminator and contains data from a device (automated road treatment function, barrier system, or safeguard system) for display on a roadway information device. The data flow may contain the actual data from which instructions to the driver and traveler can be produced by roadway information devices or it may contain a message code that causes a specific display. In this case, the Other RS terminator represents the roadway information device (e.g. dynamic message sign). This data flow consists of the following items each of which is defined in its own DDE:

+ t_other_rw_dms_barrier_activated_from_roadway
+ t_other_rw_dms_safeguard_activated_from_roadway
+ t_other_rw_dms_traffic_metering_data_from_roadway
+ t_other_rw_signage_traffic_metering_data_from_roadway
+ vehicle_emissions_message
+ t_other_rw_dms_roadway_warning_from_roadway
+ t_other_rw_signage_roadway_warning_from_roadway
+ t_other_rw_wrong_way_vehicle_warning_message

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