Store Possible Incident Data

This process shall receive data on possible incidents from other processes within the Manage Incidents function and from other ITS functions. The process shall receive observation and forecast data from the Weather Service and Surface Transportation Weather Services terminators. The process shall receive incident/event information from the Event Promoter, Border Inspection Systems, and Intermodal Terminal terminators. The process shall load all data that it receives into the store of possible incidents. Types of incidents that could be received include special vehicle routes, work zone activity, road weather information, pollution incidents, intermodal freight traffic as well as traffic incidents. As part of the loading activity, the process shall enter the data into the relevant parts of the standard format for incident data, and shall assign a level of confidence (e.g. related to the source of the data or time of its detection) to that data. Once data is loaded into the store an update notification is sent to another process to review and classify the possible incidents.

This process is associated with the Traffic Management Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

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