Physical Object: ITS Roadway Equipment

Roadway Passive Monitoring


'Roadway Passive Monitoring' monitors passing vehicles for a signature that can be used to recognize the same vehicle at different points in the network and measure travel times. Depending on the implementation and the penetration rate of the technology that is monitored, other point traffic measures may also be inferred by monitoring the number of vehicles within range over time. Today this approach is implemented most commonly using a Bluetooth receiver that passively monitors Bluetooth devices on-board passing vehicles and license plate readers that record the vehicle license plate number, but any widely deployed vehicle communications technology or feature that can be passively monitored to uniquely identify a vehicle could be used.

This functional object is included in the "ITS Roadway Equipment" physical object.

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# Requirement
01 The field element shall collect, process, and send data to the center to uniquely identify passing vehicles in order to support travel time measurement


Currently, there are no standards associated with the functional object itself though the interfaces may have standards associated with them.