Process Collected Vehicle Safety Data

This process shall be responsible for the processing of vehicle safety and environmental conditions data collected. The process shall receive data from vehicles and local sensors. Then, this process shall estimate type and level of roadway conditions and hazards. The process shall send the road condition and hazard estimates to the Provide Device Control facility for output to future passing vehicles. This process shall receive roadway and intersection geometry data from a map update system and a position fix (e.g. GPS coordinates) from a location data source in order to accurately geo-locate the incoming data from probes. Roadway geometry data includes the curvature of a roadway segment or the location of turning lanes or other special use facilities such as bike paths. This roadway geometry and position information shall be made available to other processes to improve the accuracy of warnings, messages, and information provided to motorists and travelers.

This process is associated with the Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: